Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writer's Profile

A writer's group made the mistake of asking me to write a profile piece...


By day, Allan is a meek and mild-mannered database programmer. night...he undergoes a bizarre metamorphosis, and without warning, creates worlds so the other people who live in his mind have somewhere to play. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror all come creeping out of the dark and twisted corners of his brain, with the occasional political essay or offbeat humorous work thrown in, just to keep people guessing at his true identity.

Although Allan's work has not been published for pay, he has won several writing contests, including several Friday Challenges (, and the elusive annual Momwriter Halloween contest--not once but three times.

When he's not doing unspeakably horrible things to databases or playing in his fantasy worlds, Allan can be found hiding behind his camera, or chasing the kids around with fuzzy dice and air guitars.

And never, under any circumstances, allow him to sing after midnight. Or before midnight, for that matter.
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