Monday, June 30, 2014 call this Freedom...?

I have to ask permission to drive, marry, hunt, fish, build a house, start a business, carry a firearm, or travel out of the country. And if I travel by air, you reserve the right to irradiate me, view me through a scanner that looks past clothing, and run your hands over my body. 

You take a bite out of every paycheck, a cut of every purchase, and even the lion's share of the estate when I'm gone. 

If I have employees, you decree how much I may pay them and how much I must pay you for hiring each of them.

You control what my kids learn in school. 

You claim the power to restrict what I put into my body. 

You read my email, listen in on my phone calls, and steal my property if I'm even suspected of a crime.  Not charged, mind you...but simply suspected.

You claim the right to decide what treatments my physician can use to heal me. 

You jail more of your own citizens than any other country in the world. 

You send our youth off to kill or be killed in pointless, unwinnable, illegal wars. 

You restrict, manage, control, oversee, monitor, dictate, regulate, and dominate as many elements of my life as you can, and constantly seek even more power over me. 

You even claim the right to assassinate me without charge or trial. 

In other words, I have the right to do absolutely anything I would like to do--as long as it isn't on the ever-growing list of the countless things I'm not allowed to do--while you reserve the right to regulate, intimidate, irradiate, rob, imprison, or even kill me. 

...and you call this “Freedom”...?

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