Monday, July 07, 2014

We Are All Idea Smugglers...And Snowball Rollers

You, Mr. & Ms. libertarian, are of the same pedigree as John Hancock! 

It's true that you're not smuggling a physical good (as Hancock did) but if you'reabsorbing the ideas of liberty and then sharing those ideas with others, you're still a smuggler.
I've always described being a libertarian as "rolling snowballs downhill."  Every time you discuss freedom, or Ron Paul, or Lew Rockwell, or libertarianism, the real Lincoln, alternative health, paleo diets, etc, pack a small snowball and set it loose to roll down a hill.

Most snowballs rolled down a hill grind to a stop.  Some bounce off the slope and disappear.  But...every now and then...

On occasion, one of those snowballs will hit just the right trajectory, and pick up speed, and just like in the old cartoons, it will just keep getting bigger and bigger until it reaches the bottom of the hill and creams all of the unsuspecting totalitarian statists cartoon characters who couldn't be bothered to look up or dodge out of the way.

Keep rolling those snowballs...keep smuggling those ideas.

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