Thursday, August 28, 2014

In a Decade...

...quite a lot can happen...

See, I met this girl...well, online, anyway.  Virtual Reality, you might say.

When two writers get to know each other by email and chat before ever meeting in person, you'd be amazed how well they get to know each other.

After weeks...maybe even months...of emailing and chatting, we finally agreed to meet and go on a "first date."

I totally and completely screwed up that first date by not being able to find her in a crowd.  (That raises an interesting question--can you still call it a "first date" if you didn't actually speak to each other...?)

(I won't even mention how badly I screwed up the "second" date...)

By the "third" date, though, things were--finally--starting to look up...and after that somewhat rocky start--and probably thanks to the literally millions of words exchanged by email before she managed to get a glimpse of the size of my nose--we seemed to hit it off pretty well. we are, sixteen jobs, two states, five thousand miles of relocation, and ten years later. was exactly ten years ago, today, that I blew that "first" date.

Maybe it's a weird anniversary to celebrate, but, then again, *I* am weird, so...

...happy anniversary, Babe.

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